Oli Zangls Guitarroom


Benjamin Skirka (Lead Vocals),
Oliver Zangl (Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals) 

Andy Gmeinwieser (Drums)
Claus Jandausch (Mix und Mastering)


In the period from 02/2015 - 06/2016, 13 common songs were created, all of which were recorded in my homestudio (mix and mastering by Claus Jandausch). The album "New Horizons" is stylistically strongly based on the 80 / 90s. Melodic hard rock with progelements! "New Horizons" has become a concept album dealing with the topic of "change". Change that begins with one itself and also changes the environment. The protagonist in the album is experiencing all the light and shadow pages associated with a serious change.
The album lives by the strong expressive voice of Benjamin Skirka.

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Philophobia Lyrics


Philophobia Lyrics