Jive was founded in the middle of the 80s. Oli joined the band from 1991 - 2000.  JIVE was a semi-professionell band which recorded 3 Albums. The sound of the band can be described as a mixture of rock, pop, blues with a lot of drive and melody. Comparable with bands like: Toto, Huey Lewis, The Tubes, Styx, Herman Brood and Little River Band.
Jive played a lot of open air and club gigs and had a good reputation as a well-played live band.

Most of our songs were self-composed, which arose in the band room through sessions.


Members (from 1991 - ):
Stefan Schimetschke _ Lead Vocals, Guitars
Oliver Zangl _ Guitars
Harald Mayrhofer _ Bass
Stefan Nierwetberg _ Keyboards
Stefan Dorn _ Drums
Jürgen Kreuzer _ Drums (- 1994)

Audio Samples:
_ Slow Train
_ Change
_ Woman in the black suite
_ Don`t you know
_ Lucille
_ Long hard way

The BarKings (Stefan & Oli)
Some new recordings "just4fun" in 2013:
_ What I am
_ What love can be
_ I feel


Quzz was a German rock band from Regensburg. Their distinctive trademark was the front-woman "Luna" (Claudia Hübel) with her powerful voice and stage presence.
The band existed from 1994 to 1996. In the course of time a lot of self-compositions were produced which unfortunately were not published on any official CD production. The music style was a mix of rock, pop and punk (somewhere between "Nina Hagen, Ideal and Ina Deter band").

The band could reach some highlights in their short time of acting. They won the "varta prize challenge" among 6000 participants and played at the legendary Theatron festival in munich. Therefore they can be heard with their winner song "Energie" on the first Hologram Shape CD worldwide.
Their song "loslassen" was a hit in the urban live scene.

Claudia "Luna" Hübel _ Lead Voice
Kurt Rainprechter _ Bass
Oliver Zangl _ Guitars
Andreas Neubert _ Drums

Audio Samples:
_ Energie

_ Loslassen
_ Höllenfeuer
_ So geil
_ Damals

Claudia Hübel and Oli Zangl (2016):
In 2016, Claudia and Oli made a common song and brought out a video that has already been clicked over 200,000 times on you tube.
Look here:




Freudenpark was also a german speaking pop/rock band from Regensburg.
The band was founded in 1995 by the singer Oliver Dürhammer. They began their ambitious work with their debut CD "irgendjemand da draussen" and got a lot of praise in the regional music scene.
Oli Zangl joined the band from 1998 - 2003, which was completely re-formed at that time. With 4 new musicians, Oliver Dürhammer makes a restart and in november 1998 they produced their second CD called "Frische Fische". The sound of Freudenpark reminiscent of Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Marius-Müller Westernhagen, Herbert Grönemeyer and Pur).

Another CD came out in 2001 with the title "Neue Zeit".
The band played a lot of open airs and club gigs and even organized a famous festival called "Rock and Blues in Neutraubling".

Members (1998 - 2000):
Oliver Dürhammer_ Lead Vocals, Guitars
Oliver Zangl _ Guitars
Harald Mayrhofer _ Bass
Florian Sutor _ Keyboards
Christian "Cosmo" Koppel _ Drums

(2000 - 2003):
Markus Birner _ Bass
Thomas Thurn _ Keyboards
Noel Geide _ Drums
Erich Parzefall _ Drums

Audio Samples:
_ Neue Zeit
_ Baila Maria
_ Zeit
_ Wer hier fehlte